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What Our Members Say

We asked our members what belonging to the Root Connection has meant to their families. Here are some of their answers:

"I am a new member of the Root Connection and just picked up my first weekly supply of veggies. WOW! I am so impressed! Never in my wildest dreams have I ever dreamed of such luscious, wonderful produce. The lettuce heads are enormous, and the leaves are delicate, tender, and so flavorful. I'm going to tell everybody I know they'd better become a member quick. What an incredible find your farm is. Our fridge is now full of yummy, fresh greens, and herbs and beautiful radishes. I can't wait for each meal so I can eat some more." —Cindy

"Our Claire is one of the only 4 1/2 year olds we know who loves kale and spinach and kohlrabi, all because of the farm. It was a big thrill for her to visit the children's garden, too." —Kevin

"Personally, I feel very good about supporting an operation such as yours. All your workers have a great working environment, and we can actually support a business that pays its workers a livable wage! More deeply though, we all feel more connected with the earth and with the life which springs forth from it to nourish our beings. I felt like the veggies came from a friend's garden." —Jim

"There is something so motivating about being handed a huge sack full of the yummiest vegetables ever, each week, that reminds me of how some people subscribe to exercise programs. Sure they could exercise on their own; but they do not get out and do it unless they sign up and have a specific time and place to meet. That's me and vegetables. I know how many we should be eating and the myriad of reasons organically-grown is best. But when I'm in the grocery store, I fall much too short of the goal. Joining the Root Connection solves that for me and my family. We eat more green stuff. And it tastes good." —Beth

"A walk through the farm makes your day end in a smile."

"We all feel more connected with the earth and with the life that springs forth from it to nourish our beings. I felt like the veggies came from a friend's garden."

"Thanks for giving me an invaluable gift for 13 years!"

"We love the farm! It's a very important part of our week and helps instill the right values in our children."

“I just finished cleaning the 12 gallon bag of organic produce we get each week during the summer from the Root Connection…If you’ve never tasted really fresh produce, you’re missing out on one of life’s great treats. Furthermore, the varieties of produce are optimized for flavor, not shelf-life like virtually everything you get in the grocery store. The carrots are amazingly sweet and crisp (the kids won’t eat store-bought carrots anymore), the lettuce tastes like something more than crunchy water, and the corn (later in the season) is like nothing you’ve ever had. Plus, everything is organic, so no scary poisons for the family, the environment, or the farm workers.”

“I’m also happy that the boys can see where food comes from. There are u-pick fields and kids gardens plus flowers and herbs for members. I don’t want the kids to be so ignorant of where food comes from…If it were just great produce, our farm share would still be a good value. It’s good for the kids, good for the land, and just makes me happy.”

Mailing address:  P.O. Box 267, Woodinville, WA 98072
Farm location:  13607 Woodinville-Redmond Rd. (no mail to this address, please!) Directions
phone: 425-881-1006 (24 hours) email: root-coop@hotmail.com
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